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The future is bionic, and it’s already here. It’s a new paradigm, powered by technology and harnessed by people. To thrive, you must focus on outcomes that will make a difference. Through the lens of Phungela expertise, our digital consulting team identifies and delivers programs with the greatest promise for success.

It has never been clearer that companies need to be able to learn quickly, be more resilient to shocks, and adapt in the face of adversity. There is an accelerated need for companies to become bionic—not simply to make standalone digital improvements, but to intentionally combine human and technological capabilities.

Bionic companies are better able to thrive in the face of change and uncertainty, drive breakthrough innovation, and solve some of the biggest industrial and societal problems of our age. For this reason, building bionic companies is at the heart of Phungela’s approach to digital transformation—and, we believe, an important factor in Phungela receiving external recognition for our digital consulting services year after year.

Phungela start by assessing where a company stands—and where it wants to go. We look at its people, technology, and data. At its culture, leadership, and governance. And at industry trends and disruptions. We help companies tie their digital transformation strategy to business outcomes and goals. 

Phungela Has Adopted The Following Standards And Guidelines:
  • TOGAF for Enterprise Architecture

  • COBIT for ICT Governance

  • Prince2 and Agile for Project Management

  • Good Practice Guidelines for Business Continuity

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