At Phungela, we believe in business being a catalyst for social change. Achieving this ambition is only possible through the combined talents and skills of the Phungela family.


We take pride in working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds who have the drive and intellect to bring about positive social change through the enablement Phungela offers to new and returning partners.

  • We are proud of our established track record and our ambition to positively change society through business

  • We are a 100% black-owned company with a Level 1 BEE rating

  • We are diverse organisation that seeks to empower our employees to grow in the areas best suited to them

  • We are a family business where no one looks the same

  • We build partnerships that last


When we look for new members of the Phungela family, as important as intellect and skills are, we look for individuals who share our values. Those values, encapsulated in the idea of business as a catalyst for social change, can be broken down into competence, curiosity and diversity.

Within Phungela, exceptional individuals and team members also have the opportunity to lobby for their own area of interest if the business case can be made and executed. Phungela prides itself on being a working environment where motivated, exceptional individuals can excel.

                                                    RECRUITMENT PROCESS

1) CV Assessment 

You will be assessed by the Talent Manager on the relevance and quality of your qualification, academic background and personal story. The nature of these elements might be further examined if relevant.

2) First Interview


The first interview allows the Talent Manager to get to know you, your personal story and working experience. Similarly, this interview provides you with the opportunity to get to know more about the Phungela family and our company culture.

3) Second Interview


During the second interview, you will be given an impromptu case study to test your problem-solving abilities. It also gives us an indication of your ability to handle pressure and to stand your ground in a client environment.

4) Third Interview 

During the third interview, you will be required to do a prepared case study and demonstrate your tech skills. This is a more complex problem compared to the impromptu case study. The quality of your performance will be assessed.

5) Final Interview 

Conducted by an executive member of the Phungela family, the final interview seeks to confirm your growth potential, ambitions, culture and personality to see if you will be an excellent fit within the Phungela family. You will also be given the opportunity to ask questions to see if Phungela is the right fit for you.

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