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Enterprise Architecture

System Architecture
A system architecture is a set of conventions, rules, and standards employed in a computer system’s technical framework, plus customer specifications. System developers follow the architecture in designing or integrating the system’s various components (such as hardware, software and networks). Our experienced Architects will work to deliver system architecture assessment that establishes the organization-wide roadmap to achieve optimal performance of its core business processes. Before the system architecture can be properly reviewed, we must define the Criteria for the assessment. These Criteria have a strong dependency of the goals and objectives of what has to be achieved with that that architecture.

Technical Architecture
A Technical Architecture is the next step in increasing technical specificity following a solution or system architecture. Written for a technical audience, it must satisfy the business requirements as documented in a system’s business requirements document. Our Architects will assist in defining the functionality to meet technical, operational and transitional requirements described in the functional specifications. The goal of this Technical Architecture is to define the technologies, products, and techniques necessary to develop and support the system, and to ensure that the system components are compatible and comply with the enterprise-wide standards.

Technical Design
A technical design takes the technical architecture to a component-level design that is agreed between software architects and software developers. It describes how the system will be built to meet the functional design. It contains detail and terminology not appropriate to business customers but needed by developers. It might incorporate screen layouts, database table and column names, communication protocols and file formats, server and operating system versions and dependencies. It should be detailed enough to enable code, configurations, unit tests and technical documentation work to begin.

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