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e-Learning Management System

It’s been estimated that e-learning saves up to 45% of your organisation’s time in comparison to classroom learning if factor in the time that it currently takes for your staff to travel to and from your classroom, training centre.

An LMS allows you to easily incorporate quizzes, situations scenarios and other interactive elements into your training. Gamification, messaging and forums also contribute to a lively learning ecosystem. Coupled with a strong and intuitive UX design, this makes training more appealing and effective for your learners

Our Partner solution for providing this Learning Management System is mElimu (from the Kiswahili “Mobile education” and pronounced “M-Elimu”) is a social enterprise focused on mobile-first learning technology aim to promote learning anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 

They are a leading provider of eLearning platforms with SCALABLE, pure OFFLINE (mobile apps), mobile-first design solutions, and even designed for LOW BANDWIDTH CONDITIONS in Africa. mElimu is considered to be the first choice by many in emerging markets for providing CLOUD-BASED eLearning solutions.
The Melimu system provides comprehensive cloud-based eLearning solutions for corporate trainings, higher education, skill development space, etc. to name a few.


The mElimu system tailor’s turnkey solutions with its customer-centric approach in delivering the best in-class-learning experience. mElimu has offices in Noida, Nairobi & Washington DC. Since inception, we are committed to providing an integrated, cost-effective, and highly scalable modern Learning management system to promote continuous learning by leveraging education technology and innovations. Our commitment to meet our client’s expectations has paved the way for us to be a big brand in the LMS/eLearning industry.

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