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Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS) and
Enterprise Content management (ECM)

The management, delivery, and control of documents are critical to any business. Every day companies receive and generate incredible amounts of information – proposals, HR documents, financial reports, purchase orders, contracts, quality documents, engineering drawings, forms, announcements, e-mails – the list goes on and on. Over 90% of this information is stored on paper and electronic documents. 


Docufort solutions are used by leading companies, Government organisation, institutions and industries who wants to define success in business. Docufort, along with its expanded network of local and international partners, provides implementation of Document management system Solutions, offsite document storage and record management, Hosting, sales, maintenance, and support.

Docufort enables organizations to effectively and efficiently automate management of electronic and paper-based documents throughout their entire life cycle – capture, create, classify, share and secure, archive and destroy. Anyone with authorization – employees, customers, vendors or partners – can quickly and safely manage and work on documents.


Docufort content management services needed to create, capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content related to organizational processes. It is a practical software solution for centralizing unstructured content and better managing the entire content lifecycle.

Docufort solution provides a set of enterprise content management capabilities, including document and record management, workflows, search and archiving, as well as specific applications, such as contract management and engineering document management system (EDMS), all integrated into a single web-based platform.

Because of the tool’s robust nature and flexibility in managing content-oriented processes, structured documents, such as forms, or unstructured documents such as requests or informal records, can be analyzed and classified. Once documents have been categorized, Docufort ECM uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically capture business-relevant information. As a result, this eliminates manual data entry, streamlines operations, and speeds up data availability within the system.

Content Management
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