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You can rest assured that the advice you receive from Phungela is objective and unencumbered by any conflicts of interest. We have no relationships with software vendors that would compromise our objectivity. We do not accept commissions or fees from vendors, we have no investments in any vendor’s business, we do not offer our services to software vendors, nor do we accept lead referral fees from vendors. Our only agenda is to provide recommendations and guidance that we genuinely believe are in the best interests of our clients.

Project Management
A complex IT project often succeeds or fails based upon how the project is managed. Some associations assume the vendor will manage the project for them, but later realize that the vendor only manages those tasks that directly affect the vendor. Project management is the association’s responsibility, but even an experienced project manager can run into trouble if proper planning and realistic expectations are not established up front.

Phungela's professional consultants and the IT Guidance Framework provide the project management guidance and tools to make your AMS, LMS or Website implementation a success!

ICT Audit, Risk and Compliance
Phungela resources possess a range of international ICT Certifications including governance, security, auditing, strategy and business continuity.

With the wealth of accumulated hands on experience in ICT, we are well position to conduct effective, value adding audits, risk assessment and compliance monitoring and verification, as we have been successfully being doing over a number of years.

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